We've got just what you need, a Spare Left Nut!

 It's time to stop, laugh, and appreciate awesome!

Only $19.95

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What is it?

So convenient and problem solving!

Have you ever seen something so awesome and out of reach that it made you think, “I would give my left nut for that!”  

With our Spare Left Nut, you'll always be prepared to give your left nut because you'll actually have an extra one!


  • Solid zinc, chrome plated, genuine left threaded nut
  • Engraved ‘LEFT’ so you don’t forget about your spare
  • Packaged beautifully and ready for gifting!
  • Use as a paperweight, conversation piece, or on a really big left threaded bolt?

When would I ever need a Spare Left Nut?!

Any occasion or situation you can think of really! This is that unique, extraordinary, out of the park, over the top gift that will be surely cherished and long remembered.